Research and Technology

Technology and equipment of Concentration extraction

Pprocessing techniques and methods

Isolation and purification technology

Product research and development ability

Good quality control

TLC Identification Of Active ingredients.

Products stability 、HPLC quantitative analysis.

Detection of Microbial 、PH value 、Heavy metal.

Related Inspection item with SGS.

Professional R&D team

Join therapeutic valuation of NPUSTIC(National Pingtung University of Science and Technology innovative Incubator Center.

Senior R & D professionals、 Perfecting manufacture specifications and management teams.

Collaborated with Chia Nan University、TAJEN University、National Pingtung University 、Meiho University、Fooyin University.

GMP factory

Software & hardware of GMP.

Biotechnology R & D and Laboratory test.

Modern Clean production factory and New Machinery and Equipment.